Harvesting Mussels on Santa Cruz Coastline



Collecting and Harvestion Mussels in Santa Cruz County





Harvesting Mussels in Santa Cruz.

If you have every been to North Coast beaches you have seen Santa Cruz Mussels ready for Harvesting. How does one do it. To harvest mussels in Santa Cruz one needs to purchase a sport fishing license. These are available and will allow the licensee to collect and harvest 10 lbs. of mussels per day in the right spots.


Where to Harvest.

Although it is legal to harvest mussels in Santa Cruz below the beach high tide line, the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary law forbids collecting mussels. That means one has to be north of the boundry of the sanctuary. Generally speaking one can harvest mussels north of Laguna Beach. Laguna beach can be found about half way between Santa Cruz and Davenport.


When to Harvest.

Mussel season is generally from November 1 through the end of April. However, ocean temperatures rise an fall each year and before collecting mussels in Santa Cruz one wants to check with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to see what dates that year's mussel season opens and closes. You can find the Fish and Wildlife website here.