Green Santa Cruz Hotel


"This is the only inn or hotel I've ever visited that I consider perfect in every regard. "


Solar Powered Bed and Breakfast

We're Solar Powered.


Santa Cruz Bike Trailer

Our Trusty Bike Trailer.


Our Green Inn is Solar Powered

We're the only solar powered Inn in Santa Cruz, California. Our panels generate 80% of the electricity used at our bed and breakfast. This also allows our guests with electric vehicles to charge up their emission-free cars. Every year our rooftop panels keep 7 tons of Co2 out of the atmosphere. We don't just talk about being green. We are the Santa Cruz eco-hotel.

Sustainable Transportation. We do a lot of running around town to keep the Adobe humming. Much of that we do with our handy bicycle trailer. It can carry 300 pounds of goods. When we need something bigger we use our electric Nissan Leaf. Since we charge the car off the solar panels, many of our miles are truly zero emission.

EV Charging for our Guests. The Adobe on Green Street is one of a handful of Inns in the U.S. with free electric vehicle charging for our guests. If you drive an EV (electric vehicle) and can use our Avcon 220 volt/40 amp charger with a J-1772 connector. Drive a Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt? Come spend the night and charge on us.

Sustainable Cleaning. Our general purpose cleaning solution is home made. It's water & white vinegar. We don't use 409, windex, or other synthetic general purpose chemical cleaners at the Adobe. This means that guests who are sensitive to cleaning products are not effected by our cleaning regimen. We also use 100% recycled paper towels at the Adobe.

Sustainable Web Hosting. We use an internet web host that is powered 100% by wind power.

Organic Gardening. The Adobe is surrounded by a half acre of gardens. We tend it organically. Our soil is amended with worm castings, manure and fish emulsion. This makes for healthy soil and happy plants.



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